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Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice

In addition to private mediation contracts across Canada for the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, Sandi Bell mediates conflicts referred to her by the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Programme, and as a roster mediator in Ontario.  She has been a coach with the Windsor Law School Mediation Program, offered by Stitt Feld Handy Group for several years.  Numerous educational institutions, including Osgoode Hall Law School have engaged Sandi to develop material and to contribute to their program offerings as a guest lecturer. 

The education sector benefits from her talents as a mediator, facilitator and trainer, through the learning material Sandi develops and presents to college and university students, elementary and secondary school students, teachers and administrators.  The Toronto District School Board calls upon Sandi to mediate volatile disputes.  Another key component of EMPOWWORD's work is conducting educational sessions on a wide range of topics that contribute to healthy development of children, youth and adult students.  Sandi taught one of the Business Programs at Mohawk College and Community Development at Ryerson University’s Disability Studies Faculty. 

Supplementing this sound base is Sandi's exposure to the Canada of today and tomorrow, while serving as a Member of the Appeal Division of the Immigration & Refugee Board.  She presided over quasi-judicial hearings in a court of competent jurisdiction, and rendered decision on immigration matters with a firm commitment to fairness and social justice. 


Services include mediation of:

  • A wide range of civil and workplace conflicts, including inter personal, intra and inter group issues
  • Family and child welfare matters
  • Delicate Aboriginal & First Nations issues using both Alternative Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice approaches
  • Highly sensitive matters, including issues of race, culture, religion, gender and disability
  • Workplace conflict, in public and private sectors, including both intra and inter office relations, harassment, wrongful dismissal, and discrimination
  • Survivors of various forms of abuse to develop problem-solving skills
  • Schools and school communities (often highly volatile situations)