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Accessibility for
Everyone, Everywhere


Persons with Disabilities represent a significant and growing part of our population. Currently, more than 1.9 million Ontarians, 3.4 million Canadians and 600 million people around the world have self-identified as Persons with Disabilities (of course, there are many others who do not so identify). The barriers to accessibility also affect multi-millions of family, friends, co-workers and professionals who have Persons with Disabilities in their lives. Ontario estimates that the proportion of Persons with Disabilities will increase to nearly 20 percent of Ontarians who self-identify as people who have disabilities within two decades. It is not difficult to make similar estimates for Canada and the world.

As a world class Province, these statistics add a considerable challenge to service providers who wish to serve both those who reside in the Province of Ontario as well as people with disabilities, who have considerable disposable income, who choose to visit this area.

Additionally, immigration trends have resulted in many parts of Ontario becoming very cosmopolitan environments with both customers and service providers hailing from all over the world. It is imperative that there be understanding and respect for all differences - be they race, culture, religion, language or any other diversity. While the main thrust of this learning is around accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities, we will incorporate learning that will improve sensitivity to people of different races, cultures, religions, languages, etc.