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Cultural Competence and Health Equity Info

Equity, Cultural Competence, Race Relations, Anti-racism and Human Rights

Sandi advises and assists companies in implementing their equity, diversity, cultural competency and accommodation requirements in the workplace. Her workshops offer learning sessions around sensitivity to and knowledge of racial, cultural, linguistic, religious, accessibility and inclusion matters. All learning experiences are developed based on the specific needs of the client and participants. 

Sandi's life-transforming and effective training style has been noticed by a broad range of members of our community, including Aboriginal & First Nation people, youth, people with disabilities, and people from different racial/ethnic/cultural and religious communities.  They regularly seek her out based on her reputation, knowledge of and sensitivity to Canada's diverse communities and the challenges they face. 


Sandi self-identifies as an African-Canadian/Aboriginal-First Nations woman with a disability. Throughout her adult life, Sandi has been a sought after teacher, mentor and motivational speaker, locally, nationally and internationally.

Services include:

  • L earning experiences which address anti-oppression, anti-discrimination, and anti-racism; specialized modules are available which focus on Black youth
  • Training manuals for both public and private sector organizations;  specialized modules are available which include communication skills
  • Approaches to enhance broader community understanding and respect for traditional problem solving techniques of aboriginal and First Nations people
  • Subject-matter expert advice to companies that are either about to face or have faced human rights grievances, to provide assistance and tools to ensure they operate within the legal requirements
  • Senior executive coaching on how to make organizations more welcoming from an equity, diversity, cultural competency and human rights perspective